New identity and UX for Bærum Municipality's new digital magazine.
2023 / Client work
Graphic, UI and UX design
Client: Bærum kommune
Branding, UX Design, UI Design, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Visual Identity, Design System, Universal Design, Figma

Bærum Municipality sought to establish a digital magazine highlighting topics concerning life in Bærum, climate initiatives, and the municipality's development. The magazine was intended to prominently feature the municipality as its sender, yet distinctively stand apart from the municipality's official website in terms of design. Netlife assisted the client in conceptualizing and designing the magazine, ensuring readiness for production.

In my capacity as a graphic designer, I undertook the responsibility of conceptualizing a visually compelling framework for the magazine. This encompassed the selection of typography, harmonious color palettes, and the integration of the municipality's distinctive logo. The visual narrative was crafted to subtly align with Bærum's established graphic identity.

As a UX designer I worked on shaping the magazine's user experience. I utilized my skills in interface design to redefine the front page and article templates. Central to this work was the pursuit of readability, underpinned by principles of responsiveness and accessibility. By adhering to universal design standards, I created a reading experience that catered to diverse audience preferences and needs.