Bot Author
2021 / Academic project
Interaction Design / Editorial
Mosse Sjaastad

A five-week interaction design module based on the subject area of storytelling. The project brief gave total freedom to define our own project frame and scope. I chose to work with AI as I am interested in the technology and wanted to investigate its potential in storytelling.

The project included research into the different “ingredients” of storytelling, like character traits and dramaturgy, as well as how storytelling affects us.

Bot Author is an explorative project focusing on the use of generative AI in storytelling. UI-sketching has been a central method for generation and evaluation of ideas. The result shows a collection of opportunities for how AI technologies could be tuned or prompted to generate interesting stories for the purpose of sharing in a social context.

Generate stories about your friends, family members, or create completely fictional characters. Share the stories you find funny or exciting.
Remix your friends or family members with new traits and aspirations and see how interesting you can make them.
Bot Author allows the user to experiment with new and unique mixes of genres, character traits, narrator choices and more.
I made a functional prototype using OpenAI's API for AHO WORKS exhibition.

The prototype was made using Python Flask and React.