Designing a user user-friendly and responsive production reporting tool.
2022 / Client work
UX Design
Client: Gartnerhallen
Field Study, User Insights, UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Project Management

Gartnerhallen SA is the country's largest supplier of Norwegian fruits, berries, vegetables, and potatoes. In 2020, Gartnerhallen sold vegetable products worth over 2.9 billion Norwegian kroner and holds a market share of approximately 65 percent of domestically produced vegetables. Gartnerhallen is collectively owned by over 1000 vegetable producers, all of whom deliver their products through the company.

Market-based production planning and coordinated efforts are important for Gartnerhallen's success. For such production planning to function, all producers must submit their production preferences to Gartnerhallen. The existing solution for this communication was outdated and did not provide a good user experience. Issues such as errors in submission and many hours of guidance over the phone were common for Gartnerhallen's staff. Netlife was tasked with investigating why users were experiencing problems with the existing solution and designing a new tool based on the users' and Gartnerhallen's needs. Key elements of the solution included responsive design, clear feedback in the tool, and error prevention.

As the sole designer on this project, I took ownership of the process and the project as a whole. Beyond delivering a robust process and high-quality design work, I actively engaged in project tasks including client communication and collaboration with the development team. Moreover, I ensured timely inclusion of diverse expertise, enriching the project's trajectory. Central to my role were efforts to understand the daily realities and challenges faced by producers with existing tools, establishing concrete design principles grounded in findings, and crafting solution proposals. Additionally, I lead prototyping, conducted rigorous user testing, and refined designs based on user feedback. In the final stages, I orchestrated seamless handover and documentation to the development team, ensuring smooth transition to the production phase.

Example of the many flows we tested with real users to help iterate and create a tool that is easy to use and understandable. This particular flow was designed to prevent errors when deleting clients from the delivery list and give the user confidence in usage.
User insight led us to several problems with the old tool, one of them being the lack of visible system status. We made it a priority to give the user confidence by clearly showing important system status information.
The next generation of farmers told us they wanted the opportunity to work from their preferred device. A responsive UI became a key feature of the design.