Revamping the brand of a market leader and designing a new website.
2023 / Client work
Graphic and UX design
Client: Medistim
Branding, UX Design, UI Design, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Visual Identity, Design System, Universal Design, User Insights, Figma, Webflow

Medistim is a Norwegian publicly traded health technology company that has been developing and selling innovative and cost-effective medical devices for over 30 years. These devices measure blood flow and visualize atherosclerosis, thereby contributing to improving the quality and outcome of cardiovascular surgery.

Medistim is aiming to strengthen its global brand and establish a website that reflects the company's identity and ambitions. The website plays a crucial role in both sales and training of Medistim's products. Netlife has assisted Medistim with brand updates, new information architecture, visual concept, and redesign. .

As a designer, I contributed to the efforts of renewing Medistim's identity by establishing a foundational brand platform based on the brand's personality, values, and Medistim's role as a market leader. Once the brand platform was established, I worked on translating the brand and visual concept into user-friendly websites that also supported Medistim's business objective of increased organic growth in the selected markets. Additionally, I focused on improving the accessibility of training materials for customers and optimizing the management of support materials for sales representatives and other internal staff.