Designing a new immersion blender using universal design methodology.
2018 / Academic Project
Design in context
In collaboration with Wilfa
Tom Vavik
Kathinka Bene Hystad
Stein Rokseth
June Steinhovden
Mathilde O. Mortvedt

A four-week industrial design module with a special focus on universal design with rheumatists as user test subjects.

The brief was to design a new immersion blender for the Norwegian company Wilfa, a leading supplier in small electrical home appliances.

Our proposal is a well proportioned and well balanced geometrical design that harmonizes with the aesthetics of Wilfa’s existing product line.

The blender is battery powered and features a grip with a 90° shifted hand position. This enables the user to better manouver the product and reduces wrist and finger fatigue while operating the blender.

The process was based on ideation, prototyping, testing and iterating. Picture showing process from sketch on paper to a 3D model made in styrofoam with added weight.
Universal design teaches us that if you work to solve a problem for the extreme user, it is likely that you will make the product experience better for all. We tested on subjects struggling with arthritis. This gave us valuable findings on how to improve the design of the blender.
The project also included modelling the product in 3D CAD. This image shows detailing of battery fitting, button and grip surface.